Everyone is welcome to attend the Parish Council meetings, and you are free to ask questions and make comments in an allotted public slot. The public slot is part of the agenda at each meeting and the chairman will clearly signal when that time is. Meetings are held alternately in Braithwaite Hall, Far Sawrey and the High Wray Village Hall, approximately every six weeks.

The next meeting of Claife Parish Council will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 13th March at the Braithwaite Hall, Far Sawrey.

There are neighbourhood funding opportunities available to Claife parishioners. Go to www.southlakeland.gov.uk then 'Your Neighbourhood' and click on Grants.

Latest Minutes

You can download Parish Council meetings’ minutes and upcoming agenda by clicking on the links below:

The most recent meeting minutes will be put onto the website once agreed by the Council at the next meeting.

Accounting Statements

The accounting statements for 2015/16 are available for download here.

The Annual Return for 2016/17 is available for download here

External Auditor's Issues Arising Report 2016-17

Summary of Electors' Rights Appendix 6

Expenditure in Excess of £100.00

Information for 2015/16 is available for  download here.

Information for 2016/17 is available for  download here

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